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Welcome to Tech Bloc, your gateway to the heart of the San Antonio tech ecosystem!
Tech Bloc Startups memberships offer exclusive networking opportunities, strategic partnerships, and access to cutting-edge educational resources, providing emerging tech ventures with the essential tools for growth. Startup Members also benefit from discounted co-working spaces, increased visibility through promotional channels, and facilitated access to funding opportunities.

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Startup Memberships Include

Startup Community

Gain access to a thriving network of innovative minds, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the startup ecosystem. Whether seeking mentorship, potential collaborators, or a platform to showcase their innovations, our startup members benefit from a supportive community creating opportunities for growth and success across Texas. 


We believe in empowering our startup members with the knowledge and skills necessary for success. We offer comprehensive courses covering a diverse range of topics essential for CEOs and their teams. From strategic leadership and financial management to cutting-edge technologies, our curated courses provide expertise, ensuring our startup members have the tools they need to excel in the world of entrepreneurship.

Startup Perks

As a Tech Bloc member, unlock exclusive perks and discounts from a variety of platforms, lawyers and services enhancing your experience both within the tech community and beyond with your Tech Bloc membership card. Our current perk list is worth over $250K and keeps growing! 

Tech Newsletter

Tailored to your startup needs needs, the newsletter will be a comprehensive source of information, delivering insights into available resources, investor lists, and curated news from across the nation. By keeping you abreast of the latest trends, opportunities, and developments, our newsletter ensures that you have the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the ever-evolving startup ecosystem.

Startup Peer to Peer Conclaves

 Unique and immersive get togethers tailor-made for startup. We bring together startup founders, CTOs, and  first employees in intentional, private gatherings of 20-30 like-minded individuals at private homes throughout San Antonio.

First Drink for Free at Every Event

We will continue to host our Tech Bloc premiere events throughout the year. Flash your Tech Bloc startup membership card at any Tech Bloc event and enjoy your first complimentary drink on us!

Access to Investors

Get privileged access to a wealth of resources uniquely curated to foster growth within the San Antonio tech ecosystem. From strategic partnerships to cutting-edge tools, our curated resources empower members to contribute actively, ensuring a collective effort in nurturing  the innovation landscape from within.

Be a Part of the Community Pulse

As a Tech Bloc member, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to make your voice heard through our Startup Member Pulse platform, actively influencing policies and decisions that shape the San Antonio tech ecosystem. 


Tech Bloc has been a game-changer for our startup journey, providing not just a community, but a collaborative ecosystem that accelerated our growth and opened doors to unprecedented opportunities.

“Tech Bloc is where innovation thrives”

Being a part of Tech Bloc startups is like having a backstage pass to innovation. The impact on our company has been transformative, with access to resources, mentorship, and a network that propels us beyond what we thought possible.


Tech Bloc isn’t just a platform; it’s a catalyst for success. The impact on our startup has been profound – from connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs to accessing a wealth of knowledge, every aspect has contributed to our journey of becoming a thriving and resilient business.

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Embark on a transformative journey by joining Tech Bloc as a startup member and unlock a world of unparalleled opportunities. Our ecosystem is designed to empower startups with access to a thriving community, exclusive perks, and invaluable resources essential for success. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your venture, foster meaningful connections, or tap into a wealth of knowledge, Tech Bloc is your gateway to becoming a thriving and successful startup. Seize the chance to elevate your entrepreneurial journey and be a part of a dynamic community dedicated to propelling innovation and growth!