Tech Bloc has regularly lobbied San Antonio government since its creation more than eight years ago, beginning with its role in helping keep ride-hailing companies Lyft and Uber in the city.

“For us, it’s about economic development,” said David Heard, past CEO of Tech Bloc. “The future prospects of our industry to lure good paying jobs to San Antonio and keep our smart people here all takes a hit if we let these amendments get through.”

  • Public Awareness: Through various communication channels, including social media, newsletters, and its website, Tech Bloc raises awareness about the significance of the tech industry in San Antonio. This helps create a positive perception of the city as a hub for innovation and technology.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Tech Bloc actively collaborates with other organizations, both within and outside the tech sector, to create synergies and amplify the impact of its advocacy efforts. Partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and government bodies contribute to a holistic approach to tech advocacy. 

  • Entrepreneurial Support: Tech Bloc has supported startups and entrepreneurs by providing resources, mentorship programs, and access to a network of industry professionals. This support contributes to the growth and sustainability of tech-related businesses in the region.

Our Approach

Tech Bloc has been a prominent advocate for the tech industry in San Antonio by actively fostering a supportive environment for technological innovation, economic growth, and community development. Some ways in which Tech Bloc has served as an advocate for tech in San Antonio include:

• Community Engagement: Tech Bloc has been instrumental in bringing together individuals and organizations within the tech ecosystem. By organizing events, meetups, and conferences, it facilitates networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing among professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

• Policy Advocacy: Tech Bloc has worked towards advocating for policies that support and promote the growth of the tech sector. This includes engaging with local government and policymakers to address issues related to infrastructure, talent development, and business-friendly regulations.

• Workforce Development: The organization has been actively involved in initiatives focused on developing and retaining a skilled workforce. This includes promoting educational programs, training opportunities, and collaborations with educational institutions to address the growing demand for tech talent.

Our Advocacy Initiatives

Uber & Lyft Back in the City

The worry for the tech ecosystem and thousands of others who work in the city’s growing number of tech companies was that Uber’s diss would convince prospective investors and employees that San Antonio was a backwater not open to innovation. In response, the industry that hadn’t been well-organized began to coalesce under the umbrella of an organization called Tech Bloc, which had its roots in an effort started in the summer of 2014 to get more techies involved with and paying attention to the upcoming mayoral election.

Downtown Tech High School

Leaders of Tech Bloc and 80/20 kicked off the foundation’s inaugural capital fundraising campaign to support the construction and development of a new downtown high school, CAST Tech, at the school’s future site.

Rally to Save Our City

The propositions – labeled A, B, and C on the ballot – would pave the way for voters to potentially make more municipal decisions, limit to eight years the length of time a city manager could serve and cap future city managers’ pay at 10 times that of the lowest-paid City employee, and allow the firefighters union to force the City into binding arbitration on a new labor contract, respectively.

Tech Bloc opposed the propositions because it believes they would weaken the authority of the elected representatives who serve on City Council and give way to special interest groups battling for control of the city.

Bridge the Digital Divide

City Council approved a broadband connectivity contract with AT&T that will see AT&T build out fiber to connect 20,200 residents and businesses across seven council districts to affordable internet access over the next three years. The city agreed to put $8.9 million toward the effort, with AT&T committing $13 million, putting the project’s total investment at around $22 million. Customers will be able to connect to that internet for as low as $30 per month as well, with qualifying customers being able to get free access.

"Tech Bloc provides a unified voice for an important and growing industry. “We have to understand at the city that we might not be experts in innovative ideas, including things like new technologies and disruptive business models,” he says. “It’s important to have good relationships. It’s a great benefit when I get to an issue that is complex or high-tech, I can reach out and pick up the phone and call.” "

Roberto Trevino

“We have to make sure to build civic movements that don’t isolate those not in the tech industry,” he says. “I think we can do that by saying this is all about a more ambitious agenda. San Antonio has an amazing amount of potential and a rich culture and is unique in so many ways. We want it to reach that potential.”

Lew Moorman

"Years from now, the founders and organizers of Tech Bloc might look back at Tuesday night at Southerleigh at the Pearl as the moment when San Antonio shifted into a higher gear and began accelerating, making up for lost time."

Robert Rivard

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