Growing San Antonio's Tech Ecosystem

We revolutionize San Antonio’s tech economy, fueling growth through impactful initiatives. We are the sole non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to fostering the growth of the tech ecosystem in San Antonio, we unite government, the private industry, and academia. Our approach revolves around three core pillars: networking, economic development, and advocacy.

Join us in building the legacy of the next generation in our thriving city. 

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What We Do

Tech Bloc stands as a non-profit organization singularly committed to propelling tech-focused economic development in San Antonio, guided by three fundamental pillars: Networking, Advocacy, and Economic Development. Within each pillar, Tech Bloc spearheads a diverse array of initiatives aimed at fortifying the Tech Ecosystem comprehensively. This strategic approach ensures that the organization plays a multifaceted role, fostering connections, championing causes, and actively contributing to the economic growth of the region through technology-driven endeavors.


Who We Are

Tech Bloc is a dynamic and cohesive community composed of individuals, startups, and tech companies that have joined forces to create a powerful and unified voice within the ever-evolving landscape of technology. This collective is driven by a shared vision and a commitment to advancing innovation, fostering collaboration, and advocating for the common interests of its diverse members.


Our Mission

Our mission is to consolidate the San Antonio tech community into a cohesive public force, we spearhead initiatives to enhance the city’s tech ecosystem. Additionally, we actively engage with local, state, and federal authorities to champion the interests of both tech workers and employers in the region.

The San Antonio Tech Ecosystem

From visionary startups to established tech giants, the map provides a visual tapestry of interconnected individuals, companies, and organizations shaping the city’s technological future. It’s a visual compass navigating through innovation hubs, collaborative spaces, and key players, illustrating the vibrant and diverse community propelling San Antonio forward in the digital age.


For startups eager to tap into the vibrant tech scene in San Antonio, engaging with TechBloc is a strategic move that opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.
We facilitate invaluable connections and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration with established tech entities and industry leaders. Startups not only integrate seamlessly into the thriving tech ecosystem but also gain the strategic support needed to thrive and make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of technology. 


For investors looking into investing in San Antonio, explore our economic development programs to identify investment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the local tech ecosystem. TechBloc provides a gateway for investors to be at the forefront of innovation, supporting and influencing the thriving tech community in San Antonio. Your engagement with TechBloc opens doors to a wealth of possibilities and positions you at the heart of the city’s evolving tech narrative.


Tech Bloc By the Numbers

TechBloc has left an indelible mark on San Antonio, evidenced by impactful numbers that underscore its contributions to the city’s tech ecosystem. With a surge in networking events, the organization has facilitated countless connections, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through vigorous advocacy efforts, TechBloc has influenced policy changes and positioned San Antonio as a tech-friendly hub. On the economic front, the organization’s initiatives have catalyzed growth, attracting investments and creating job opportunities. 

Startups Funded

Events Hosted

Economic Impact



TechBloc’s networking events are more than just gatherings; they are dynamic hubs of connection and collaboration within San Antonio’s thriving tech community. Join us to forge meaningful relationships with fellow innovators, startups, and established tech leaders. TechBloc’s networking opportunities provide a unique space to expand your network, foster collaborations, and be an active participant in the ever-evolving narrative of San Antonio’s technology landscape. 


TechBloc stands as the vanguard of advocacy in San Antonio, dedicated to ensuring our city remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Through strategic and proactive initiatives, we actively engage with policymakers and stakeholders to champion policies that foster a supportive environment for tech growth. By amplifying the collective voice of our diverse community, TechBloc influences decisions that shape the future of the tech sector in San Antonio.

Economic Development

TechBloc plays a pivotal role in fueling economic development within San Antonio’s tech ecosystem. Through a multifaceted approach, we drive growth by fostering a collaborative environment where startups, established companies, and industry stakeholders converge. Our economic development initiatives encompass tailored programs, resources, and networking opportunities that empower tech entities to thrive. By actively promoting the city as a tech-friendly hub, we attract investments, talent, and innovation. TechBloc is committed to providing the necessary support systems, mentorship, and avenues for funding that catalyze the expansion of businesses, leading to job creation, increased productivity, and a sustainable tech landscape. 

How Tech Bloc has brought the SA Ecosystem Together

“TechBloc has been that one voice of the tech and startup community to rally the community in San Antonio around common cause. Now is the time to inspire and empower as we catch the rising tide of San Antonio and Texas’ growth in tech and startups to be a beacon of talent and opportunity”

Luis Martinez

Sr. Venture Associate, Capital Factory

“I remember the first time I went to a TechBloc event. I couldn’t even get in!  There was so much enthusiasm, at the time, from the disjointed San Antonio tech community to come together as part of a grassroots movement to push San Antonio to the next level. Since that first event in 2015, TechBloc has advocated for rideshare in San Antonio, has partnered with Bexar County through TechFuel offering SA’s largest cash prize pitch competition, helped raised $40,000 for SAISD families to gain free internet access needed for distance learning, and helped encourage the safe return of the SA tech community out of the pandemic, at the Tech District Reboot Rally.  I look forward to seeing what the next iteration of TechBloc is able to achieve.”
Maricela Resendiz

Sr. Associate, Spruce

“From that faithful first event at Southerleigh at The Pearl in 2015, where we were spilling out into the courtyard, TechBloc has served as a voice for pushing boundaries and change in the tech and startup ecosystems here in San Antonio. What started with changing the narrative on ride share, has now become a ‘vehicle’ for access and growth. Growth such as funds for families to have access to internet for education. Additionaly, TechFuel… a pitch competition that serves to ‘fuel’ some of the next big startups to come out of San Antonio. Not only a member and serial co-founder, also the “Official, Unofficial DJ” for all the TechBloc events.. I have enjoyed the privilege of being here since day one and watched the change brought about. As a result of TechBloc making people more accessible to each other through a common goal… I have watched many, helped make, and made myself many connections and friendships. It has been a great journey. I am excited for what’s developing from TechBloc moving into 2024. Will you join us? Sign up today!”

Dale Bracey

Chief Innovation Officer, Fabra